Books on other TeX-related matters

There's a nicely-presented list of of “recommended books” to be had on the web:

The list of MetaFont books is rather short:

  • The MetaFont book by Donald Knuth (Addison Wesley, 1986, ISBN-10 0-201-13445-4, ISBN-10 0-201-52983-1 paperback)

Alan Hoenig's 'TeX Unbound' includes some discussion and examples of using MetaFont.

A book covering a wide range of topics (including installation and maintenance) is:

  • Making TeX Work by Norman Walsh (O'Reilly and Associates, Inc, 1994, ISBN-10 1-56592-051-1)

The book is decidedly dated, and is now out of print, but a copy is available via sourceforge and on CTAN, and we list it under “online books”.

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