1-column abstract in 2-column document

One often requires that the abstract of a paper should appear across the entire page, even in a two-column paper. The required trick is:

... % \author, etc

Unfortunately, with the above \thanks won't work in the \author list. If you need such specially-numbered footnotes, you can make them like this:

\author{Me, You\thanks{}}
... as above ...
\footnotetext[1]{Thanks for nothing}

and so on.

As an alternative, among other facilities the abstract package provides a \saythanks command and a onecolabstract environment which remove the need to fiddle with the \thanks and footnoting. They can be used like this:

\maketitle             % full width title
\begin{onecolabstract} % ditto abstract
... text
\saythanks            % typeset any \thanks

The memoir class offers all the facilities of abstract.

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