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The common style, of a “small” table of contents for each part, chapter, or even section, is supported by the minitoc package. The package also supports mini-lists of tables and figures; but, as the documentation observes, mini-bibliographies present a different problem - see bibliographies per chapter.

The package's basic scheme is to generate a little aux file for each chapter, and to process that within the chapter. Simple usage would be:

\dominitoc \tableofcontents
\dominilof \listoffigures
\chapter{blah blah}
\minitoc \mtcskip \minilof

though a lot of elaborations are possible (for example, you don't need a \minitoc for every chapter).

Babel doesn't know about minitoc, but minitoc makes provision for other document languages than English - a wide variety is available. Fortunately, the current version of the hyperref package does know about minitoc and treats \minitoc tables in the same way as “real” tables of contents.

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