Installation using MiKTeX package manager

Packages for use with MiKTeX are maintained very efficiently by the project managers (new packages and updates on CTAN ordinarily make their way to the MiKTeX package repository within a week). Thus it makes sense for the MiKTeX user to take advantage of the system rather than grinding through the steps of installation.

MiKTeX maintains a database of packages it “knows about”, together with (coded) installation instructions that enable it to install the packages with minimal user intervention; you can update the database over the internet.

If MiKTeX does know about a package you need installed, it's worth using the system: first, open the MiKTeX packages window: click on Start→ Programs→ MiKTeX→ MiKTeX Options, and select the Packages tab.

On the tab, there is an Explorer-style display of packages. Right-click on the root of the tree, MiKTeX Packages, and select Search: enter the name of the package you're interested in, and press the Search button. If MiKTeX knows about your package, it will open up the tree to show you a tick box for your package: check that box.

If you prefer a command-line utility, there's mpm. Open a command shell, and type:

mpm --install=<package>

(which of course assumes you know the name by which MiKTeX refers to your package).

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