The hyperTeX project

The hyperTeX project extended the functionality of all the LaTeX cross-referencing commands (including the table of contents) to produce \special commands which are parsed by DVI processors conforming to the HyperTeX guidelines; it provides general hypertext links, including those to external documents.

The HyperTeX specification says that conformant viewers/translators must recognize the following set of \special commands:

  • href: html:<a href = "href_string">
  • name: html:<a name = "name_string">
  • end: html:</a>
  • image: html:<img src = "href_string">
  • base_name: html:<base href = "href_string">

The href, name and end commands are used to do the basic hypertext operations of establishing links between sections of documents.

Further details are available at; there are two commonly-used implementations of the specification, a modified xdvi and (recent releases of) dvips. Output from the latter may be used in recent releases of ghostscript or Acrobat Distiller.

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