Separate bibliographies per chapter?

A separate bibliography for each “chapter” of a document can be provided with the package chapterbib (which comes with a bunch of other good bibliographic things). The package allows you a different bibliography for each \included file (i.e., despite the package's name, the availability of bibliographies is related to the component source files of the document rather than to the chapters that logically structure the document).

The package bibunits ties bibliographies to logical units within the document: the package will deal with chapters and sections (as defined by LaTeX itself) and also defines a bibunit environment so that users can select their own structuring.

The `biblatex` package, with biber, provides a similar facility; enclose the text for which you want a local bibliography in a refsection environment, and place a \printbibliography command as the last thing in that environment:

\chapter{First chapter}
Some text \cite{this}
with citations \cite{that}.

Then process with LaTeX (of whatever flavour) and use biber to process the bibliography output. Note that \printbibliography can take an optional argument heading=bib title to provide the bibliography with a (sub)section title.

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