Mismatched mode ljfour and resolution 8000

You're running dvips, and you encounter a stream of error messages, starting with Mismatched mode. The mode is the default used in your installation - it's set in the dvips configuration file, and ljfour is commonest (since it's the default in most distributions), but not invariable.

The problem is that dvips has encountered a font for which it must generate a bitmap (since it can't find it in Type 1 format), and there is no proforma available to provide instructions to give to MetaFont.

So what to do? The number 8000 comes from the -Ppdf option to dvips, which you might have found from the answer "wrong type of fonts". The obvious solution is to switch to the trivial substitute -Pwww, which selects the necessary type 1 fonts for PDF generation, but nothing else: however, this will leave you with undesirable bitmap fonts in your PDF file. The “proper” solution is to find a way of expressing what you want to do, using type 1 fonts.

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